Tuesday, May 13, 2014

California Wilderness: Belonging

Lost Coast, California:

Walking onto the sand, all my possessions in my pack, I am confronted with a beautiful view of endless ocean and a feeling of belonging and excitement for what the wild coast will bring: wisdom in the waves, calmness in a sunset, belonging in solitude. Deeper into the wild I go, reflecting on the past month of desert sands, wildflowers and mountain streams, days spent wandering open spaces and experiencing the wisdom of nature philosophies first hand in untouched nature itself. Joining my tribe for group meals, thoughtful discussions, yoga, singing and endless laughter is among the many joys I experience in a day, knowing that this is where I'm meant to be. Wading in cool waters, reading among wild elk, contemplating the sounds and cycles all around me, those muted by the chaos of the front country. The days have turned to weeks and my sense of wonder and curiosity translates to belonging and gratefulness - to be surrounded by such beautiful people and endless possibilities for learning more about myself  and this giving, wondrous earth than ever before. 

-- Luna (Rachael Merten)

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